Functional Integrity

Paul Scott & Gloria Mondragon

What is Functional Integrity?

Functional Integrity focuses on the interrelationship of structure and function. Quite simply, how you function creates your structure, and this anatomy and its physiology affect every movement-- from the subtlety of a breath to the most demanding full body exercise. Few would argue this notion, but Functional Integrity is unique in exploring human form and movement, and the ongoing dialog in the body between dysfunction and pain.

Function is the difference between Jenny scoring or not scoring a goal at soccer, and whether she has any real enjoyment doing it. Function is also whether her father has back pain while cheering on the sidelines. Function is the difference between performance, health and a sense of well being, and the painful, spiraling disaster that is so many people's experience of their body. Function is the difference between the "natural athlete" and the complaining, pain-riddled, "want-to-be." This is because the nervous system senses dysfunction and at first denies feelings of well being during movement. Ultimately as the dysfunction increases the nervous system creates the syndrome of chronic pain.

This poor structure we each know as our body. So many of us live with pain, suffering without hope of recovery, and always under the shadow of "IT" getting worse. Often times we are told that we just have a bad ___, (fill-in the blank) and sometimes even that little can be done. The painful area is treated with better or worse short term results, but with no concept of how to produce long term change.

This is where Functional Integrity parts company with existing therapies and looks at the bigger picture of what is wrong. In this way, typical diagnoses become mere symptoms of larger, but correctable, functional problems. We work with you, as a team, to get you moving better, and give you the appropriate self-care so you can help yourself feel better right from the start. At the same time we improve the structural components of joint articulation, connective tissue health, muscular length tension relationships and the function of the nervous system, to relieve pain and begin real, meaningful transformational change. You don't know how good you can feel!

This amazing structure we know as our body. It is so supremely capable and imparts our movement with grace, ease and joy. For those of us fortunate enough to have reveled in the performance and sense of well being in our body, then to have lost it to pain, and now to have found it again, it is almost beyond words. All of our clients find their own words for it, and we encourage you to find yours as well.


Functional Integrity at base is about two things.

First, it clears out structural/functional problems allowing our original movement patterns to re-emerge. This takes away the pain and supplants it with the physical joy of movement that is the birthright and hallmark of a health body.

Second, it frees you to be yourself and truly live this life unburdened by the pain, the fear of pain and the associated trauma.



Paul's Experience
Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer
Licensed Massage Therapist, NM # 5501
B.A., Michigan State University

Gloria's Experience
Certified Personal Trainer, over 20 years experience
Experience with special populations including
•Stroke Recovery
•Vertigo ~ Instability ~ Balance
•Developmentally Disabled
•Scoliosis ~ Kyphosis
•Movement training for Kids
•Senior movement training and stretching

Paul • Massage & Bodywork $75/hr • Personal Training $75/hr
Gloria • Personal Training $50/hr

Certified, Licensed, and Insured
Guaranteed Satisfaction