Functional Integrity

Paul Scott & Gloria Mondragon


DaVinci BodyMassage and Bodywork

Paul is a licensed massage therapist and a former instructor at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.  By working at all levels, your body and its movements truly change. Paul's practice incorporates elements from Cranial Sacral, Structural Integration, Osteopathic manual manipulation, Accupressure and Shiatsu, and Biological Trauma training with experts including Dr. Stephen Porges, Director of the Body Mind Center at the University of Illinois. These techniques combined affect joint articulation, neuromuscular engagement, muscular length tension relationships, fascial and connective tissue dynamics, and nervous system dysfunctions to integrate meaningful neurological changes into functional movement.  


Corrective Exercise Specialist
This advanced certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine takes training and rehabilitation to a whole new level.  Using new techniques and protocols, complex and long-standing problems can be changed, with results in a few sessions.  This approach, when used in conjunction with Paul's bodywork techniques, is transformational.

Personal Training

We start where you are, with precise movement assessment and a focus on your goals.  Using a client-centered approach we collaborate to maximize your results, and continually find passion and fun in our work.  We can work within one medium, like training, or within all of our skill sets.  Our education and experience, in one way or another, informs all of our work.

Our clients range from athletes to the obese, from seniors to youth, and from individuals committed to a program to others in need of an occasional tune-up.  No two clients are alike and none any better than another.  We are very proud to have “graduated” out many clients with their pains gone, goals achieved, and lives enriched. 





Sports Specific Coaching

We coach running, triathlon, road and mountain biking, winter sports and whitewater kayaking.  Our clients have been in it for fun, fitness, and for competition.  As an amateur athlete, Paul has trained with some national class coaches, Olympians, and World Record holders, and can make their knowledge and techniques available to you.  Paul also used to weigh 276 pounds, so he doesn't have too much attitude.



Paul • Massage & Bodywork $75/hr
•Personal Training $75/hr

Gloria • Peronal Training $50/hr

Certified, Licensed, and Insured
Guaranteed Satisfaction